Client Testimonials

Jeffrey W
Ashish has a rare combination of experience, talent, dedication, sense of ownership and passion for software development. He is creative and proactive in finding both problems and solutions I did not know existed, conceiving of high-level design ideas that have benefited our product in the long run, while at the same time makes no qualms about rolling up his sleeves and getting the unglamorous work done. His code is well structured, easy to follow and maintain. He has an eye for detail coupled with a determination to hunt down those small but intractable issues that leaves no place for bugs to hide. Ashish is a great asset to any organization.
Annant S
Ashish's best quality, for me, has always been this "team-development" approach and his true professionalism. Every aspect of development was always handled with care and consideration, while allowing me to stay in constant communication with the stakeholders. His knowledge and professional acumen guided me through each phase of program evolution and always kept my objectives in mind. He is a class .net programmer and understands that system is just not built for a single user but for array of complex users."
Ashish is a vital resource to our team. He is extremely detail oriented. He completes tasks in the given time frame. He communicates well with the team. Our team would be incomplete without Ashish.

Ashish is an excellent resource for our company and has performed all aspects of this contract exceptionally well. We will be creating a new contract immediately for him with a separate sub team of our company and put him back to work right away. He is a great asset to our company and to the product we are building. Thank you Ashish for all your hard work to date.
Ashish did a good job on this project. He continued to work on the project until all the bugs were worked out. I also made a change in the project mid-stream and he was able to accommodate my request for just a little more money. Thanks.

It was a pleasure working with Ashish. He was able to accomplish many of the road blocks incurred through out the process. I will definitely work with him on future projects.
Great developer with a very good grasp on instructions. Very good communicator and worked hard to fulfill my deadline. I recommend highly. I will use again.
Ashish was very pleasant to work with and seemed to care about my needs. This was my first experience collaborating on a website build, and once we were able to get past the communication barriers everything went well. I started setting up regular web x calls and as soon as he understood my needs he did respond well.
Although it may be uncommon for a contractor to earn a 5-star rating, Ashish earned it 110% during his work on our project. He was an absolutely integral part of our team, communicated efficiently, met all realistic deadlines to which he committed, and his work and skill set is of the highest quality. I strongly recommend Ashish as an extremely valuable asset to your project.

Ashish has been an invaluable resource in completing this project. His work is outstanding and would be a valuable resource on any project.

Ashish did excellent work for us on a long contract assignment. It was a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend Ashish.
Monte Sharbono
I have worked with Ashish for the past few months with the redisign of my web site. I have worked with a lot of web site builders and SEO people but Ashish sure goes out of his way to finish what he said he would do and in a timely manner. There is always the trust factor in finding a developer you can trust and be comfortable with, but with Ashish explaining things for someone like my self less experienced sure does help. I would recommend him to anyone looking at him helping do work for you.
Ahmad Goshen
Ashish is an excellent developer. Not only did he do what we asked, he suggested better alternatives and strategies that we never thought of before. He's an excellent communicator very trust worthy. We have already begin working on other projects with him A+.
Gonzalo Barrantes
Very professional work, takes instructions very well, excellent communication skills, understands requests, perfect team worker for anybody who is looking for detail oriented work, thanks a lot, A+++
Rob Wertheim
Ashish is a brilliant developer who has helped our team tremendously. He's a hard worker, well skilled in C# and SQL, and friendly and communicative. We would recommend him freely, without hesitation. Any opportunity to work together will be welcomed.
Lana G
Task accompished and delivered in a few hours. Excellent communication. Coding style is clean and professional (including comments). Highly recommand.
Great job as usual. Coder demonstrates a high standard in the quality of code and commitment. This is the one who customer can rely upon. Excellent line of communication as well as the delivery timing.
Victor Adoye
I count myself lucky to have chosen Ashish as my coder and I will surely be using him in the near future. He's a great coder and one of the best in the field.
Ashish did an excellent job for us. We had some challenging deadlines and potentially confusing work. Ashish took it as his responsibility, without question, to correct issues as they arose. Ashish was very attentive, available, and reliable. The end result is a happy customer for our company.
I was very pleased with the work I received and would definitely recommend this individual. He suggested improvements for the project and steered us to a successful conclusion. I will be using him again for any projects our company needs.

I enjoyed working with Ashish very much and intend on hiring him again for future projects. I received excellent guidance and timely response throughout the project. His communication skills and availablility were excellent.

I am thrilled with the success of this project. The end result turned out better than I thought and the process was smooth working with Ashish. He communicated well and was very thorough proposing ideas for better solutions along the way. I will definitely work with him again.
Bryan Knox
Ashish was very effective in getting our project launched and making recommendations how to approach the best implementation of he task to be undertaken. This was our first project with ODESK contractors and so we were learning the process as we went along. Ashish was patient and put his best forward. We will use him again for other phases of related projects.
Michael Helm
Ashish was great to work with and is quite talented. We had issues on our end that put our project on hold and he was cordial and helpful during the delays. We will be starting a new contract with him as soon as possible.
Sean Zlotnitsky
Ashish demonstrated admirable fluency in ASP.Net 3.5, XML, and Website configurations. He delivered the project on time, and made himself available to support it as I needed. I will highly recommend Ashish, for his terrific skills as well as his very friendly and helpful customer service attitude, to any employer!
James Rendell
There were some challenges, resulting largely from my end, but Ashish was always cooperative. Happy to have him work for us again.

Thank you Ashish for your quick turnaround time and additional assistance on short notice.

Thanks again for your prompt and professional service.

Fast turnaround as always, thanks Ashish
Jeylan Kismet
Very Happy with Ashish. He is easy to communicate with insightful, knowledgable and clever. I will be looking forward to doing more work with him.

As usual Ashish delivered the work assigned to him. Trouble free and in quick time!!
Excellent work. Kept in constant and consistent communication everyday, and the job was completed to a polished and timely standard. Will definitely hire again.
Michael Quirke
Skilled and versatile programmer. Successfully built all the back in code and conducted a smooth handover. Very courterous to clients and forthcoming with valued input. Used for general guidance too as he has a wealth of knowledge in programming and web development. Gave 5 stars on quality of work deliverables because his code and handover were flawless. This was the purpose of hiring Ashish.

Experienced, well-connected, reliable, and accomplished programmer... have used for consulting, will use for future contracts.
Michael Ross
Ashish is a hard worker and knowledgeable in many facets. Aside from the five star review I have given him in feedback, ;I enjoy working with him as he has an extremely high standard when it comes to details.
Christine Carter
We needed this work done quickly to keep a pause on our progress with our marketing campaigns. Ashish made sure he had an understanding of these objective and delivered.
Mylene Bruneau
Overall a very good experience with Ashish. Clear communications, he is on top of the project. Ashish ran into a small problem but reacted exactly as we would expect a professional: he alerted us of it, and stated the steps he would take to correct this, instead of keeping us in the dark or making up some story. This is STRONGLY appreciated, let it be a lesson to other contractors.
Jeff W. Emerson
Ashish did an excellent job of rehabbing an obsolete Microsoft FrontPage 2002 website as a stop gap measure before the site is completely redesigned.
Bill Wilson
Super turn-around. Hard worker, good communicator. Will use again.
Diagnosed and fixed my problem very quickly. Efficient and friendly and happy to recommend to anyone.
Ashish finished 1 week project in two days. Was also very attentive, provided constant feedback and was obviously extremely knowledgable.
Shubhankar Dey
First of all, I must compliment you on running an excellent company. The entire experience of being a customer is refreshingly wonderful, from developing to support. I have never had to wait more than a few hours to have any issue resolved. Thanks so much.
Mohamed Zaki
Thanks for working that was nice.
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